Corporate Social Responsibility

Gujarat Carz is proud to share that we have recently partially started, with our inclusive growth and development, have always tried to give something back to the society. We recognise that profits are not the only the measure of Value, being a human beings how we are helpful to our society creates a Greater Value and there by showing concern for employees and the communities and societies. Living up to your commitments & we supply a quality services to all our stakeholders that meets their expectations.

We are governed by the basic principles of Honesty and Fairness, Predominantly with an objective to be a helping hand for those in Need. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are implemented through LT. Shri Ramesbhai Bachubhai Madhvi Foundation

In this process, The Total of 0.05 Paise Per K.M. on every trip is contributed to the Poor & Needy people [Old Age Orphanage, Child Orphanage, Patients & Handicap] peoples in the form of Food & Clothing, so directly or indirectly some part of your payment made is going to be contributed among these needy people 'That Can Change Someones Life.' The More No of Bookings the More help these people will get in return. Imagine in a charity work where the company don’t ask you for any donations but in turn, give to you freely. That is exactly what one non-profit organization - LT. Shri Ramesbhai Bachubhai Madhvi Foundation has started. The pairs of our Helping Hands will just like a Lightning Lamp that Spreads Light across the Dark Room and Fill the Dark Room with Light & Happiness.
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Available for
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  • Individual & Family Out Dooring Excursions
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Promotion / Advertising / Launches
  • Theatre and Gala Arrivals
  • Corporate Events / Store Openings
  • Weddings & Auspicious Ocassions
  • Tented Exhibitions
  • Anniversary and Milestone Celebrations
  • Airport/Railway Pick & Drop
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